Sunday, 29 September 2013

Christmas baubles

Hello, hope your weekend is going well :)
It's Sunday, which means I am here with a post about something other than a card-today is Christmas decorations! Baubles to be precise.  I know it's still early yet but with these taking a while to make, I figured I would get started early to ensure I have enough for the fayres and markets I will be doing in the coming weeks and allow time for working on any specific products to fulfil orders placed.

Easy to make, just require some patience!
materials required:
Polystyrene ball
marker pen
tape measure
sharp craft knife
fabric (small amount needed so really any scraps can be used)
glue stick
pokey tool

Draw your design on the polystyrene ball, then use your knife to cut along the lines.  Cut fabric to bigger than size of section, apply small amount of glue to section on polystyrene. Place fabric down and then use pokey tool to push edges of fabric into edges of section marked out by knife lines.
That is essentially it!
Can be made to order in any colour, or combination of colours.  The metallic copper and turquoise colours you can see are paint, so I can paint designs and text onto the fabric as well.  It will be my first Christmas in my own place this year so I am going to make one of these to commemorate that and give it pride of place on my tree!
These are 6cm in diameter but I can also do slightly smaller ones at 5cm diameter if requested.  Can be finished with either ribbon or thin cord (in gold or silver) or left with just the loop you see in the blue and red bauble here.  If you would like some baubles making or have any questions, please just send me an email at
Thanks for reading, happy crafting and I'll be back on Wednesday :)

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