Sunday, 27 April 2014

New bookmarks

Greetings to one and all, I hope everyone is well. I am in the midst of a flare up so have not been able to attend the events I had planned to this weekend, fingers crossed that the pain eases tomorrow so I can get back to shabbying a bedside cabinet!

I have not been sitting around doing nothing though (don't tell me off) so I thought I would share with you some of the bookmarks I have made over the past couple of days while I've been sitting here.

This first one is for all you Alice in Wonderland fans out there!  The charm is a bronze colour, it's the white rabbit from the story-complete with playing card outfit and a pocket watch! He is a cutie.  The bookmark itself is bronze in colour and has flowers and teeny butterflies on.  The tiny beads are red and black with just one white one, I thought this nod to the white roses being painted red was appropriate (maybe I have read that book and seen the Disney film too many times?!).

The next bookmark I would like to show you today is antique silver in colour:

The charm here is a beautiful peacock, in the same silver colour as the bookmark.  I used mainly irridescent little beads here, with blue ones interspersed because the shade of these is the same as the shade of blue seen on peacocks (I should get myself some peacock green beads too-I have made a note of this!).  This bookmark is just very pretty and quite feminine.

Final one I am sharing today is a nautically themed one, as I do live by the sea!

The bookmark and charms are bronze in colour, the bookmark has fish on the main body and the top of it where it curves over is a dolphin-really lovely.  The anchor and the small shell charms stick with this theme and the main bead colour used is blue for obvious reasons ;)
I think this one is my favourite of the three and the one most suitable for anyone-who doesn't like dolphins??!

Each of the bookmarks is attached to the backing card using jute in three places, so what looks like a line across the bookmark or a distortion in the charm is just this holding it in place.

Thank you for stopping by, let me know what you think and, until next time, Happy Crafting xx


  1. These are fabulous, I do love them all but my favourite is the peacock!
    Linda xxx

  2. These bookmarks are super - great work!