Monday, 19 August 2013

A Painting!

I hope everyone is well, I am doing much better than I was for my last post! 

I was out and about yesterday in Snowdonia National Park (and even trekked down to Conwy Falls!) pictures to come soon-once I get them from my camera! 
I figured that I have shared some photos and some cards, so now it’s time to share some other things I do.  Today’s post, therefore, is dedicated to a painting I did as a gift for my friends’ wedding.  The bride is a friend who was also on the University exchange programme I did to the US, the groom she met during the year we were there.  Theirs is a lovely story (although not mine to tell) and after a year apart while she returned to the UK to finish her degree, she flew back to the states and he proposed.  Their wedding ceremony was in York in a building called the Hospitium and during a Skype chat, the bride mentioned that she was having difficulty finding a painting of the venue-cue my search for images of the place so that I could paint it for her!
I decided on 3 images I found, one for the angle of the light, one for the building itself and one for the greenery in the foreground-I claim artist prerogative for some of the trees though!  It took me about 2 days to sketch it, then another 2 and a half days (all day) to actually paint it!  The sketching was done in pencil and black ink, and the painting in watercolour, with acrylic for the path as I found that the easiest way to represent the texture I wanted. 

The original painting now lives in the US (currently Toledo, Ohio but soon to move to Colorado!) but I have mounted prints available should anybody want one! 

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