Sunday, 25 August 2013

Full of Charm

Hello to one and all,
I hope everyone had a better Saturday than I did-the cistern fell off the wall in my place and there was water everywhere! After stemming the flood, I am back at my dad's while someone who knows what they are doing fixes it. I had planned on blogging a card I made incorporating charms as I have a rather large selection of them but, due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not yet made the card! I shall instead share with you some images of some of the charms I have-they are for sale should anybody wish to get their hands on any! (just shoot me an email) Once I get the transportation sorted out, I will include charms for sale on my market stall along with a range of items I have made.

These are, I think, my favourites.  Lovely to look at, incredibly versatile and just a little out of the ordinary these bring a new dimension to crafting. 

Oh, before I go-I finished the glass painting I was doing last time, so here is the lantern of butterflies and roses in an art deco style:

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